As sailors,

We believe that sailing teaches critical life skills: teamwork, leadership, self-reliance and responsibility.

We believe what you see on the water will change the way you see life on land.

We believe everyone should have access to that experience.

The Sailing Museum will bring incredible people and inspiring stories from across the country into ONE place that is accessible to all.

The National Sailing Hall of Fame

Sailing in America has been shaped by generations of individuals who have demonstrated the courage and conviction to plot their own courses, defy convention and redefine excellence. Ours is a sport that has evolved because of these unique individuals and the Hall of Fame provides a home to honor their achievements and make relevant and essential the values and sportsmanship that sailing embodies.

The America’s Cup Hall of Fame

The America’s Cup, the pinnacle of yachting, was first contested in 1851 making it the oldest trophy in international sport, predating the modern Olympic Games by 45 years. Competition is held under the America’s Cup Deed of gift “as a perpetual challenge trophy to promote friendly international competition.” Currently held at the Herreshoff Marine Muesum in Bristol, the ACHoF will be moving in to join NSHoF.

The Historic Armory in Newport

Located on the waterfront in the center of downtown, the historic Armory Building was built in 1894 for the Rhode Island Militia and was later home to the National Guard. It was also the Press Office for the America’s Cup during the 12-Metre era, making the the 11,000+ square-foot space well suited for it’s future use.

“Sailing has a home that trumpets its achievements and inspires generations to excel on the water, and to serve the sport. The memorable moments in our sport are countless, and unless there is a common place to preserve these memories, we’re in danger of losing the relevance of sailing’s past and future. “

– Gary Jobson

Hall of Famer & Board Member

The Sailing Museum

The Sailing Museum will:

  • Preserve an historic building and site that is steeped in sailing history
  • Celebrate the heritage of the sport and honor those who have shaped it over time
  • Support area educators through on-site, hands-on STEAM learning experiences
  • Provide a first-rate tourist attraction that will add value to the Newport landscape
  • Build community through partnerships, work and volunteer opportunities
  • Support our peer organizations in our common goal to grow sailing

The Sailing Museum is an educational non-profit organization that is home to the National Sailing Hall of Fame and America’s Cup Hall of Fame. In the space once used as the Press Room for the America’s Cup the heritage of sailing will be celebrated, the legends of the sport honored and new sailors and innovators inspired. Interactive educational exhibits will provide real-world applications of STEAM concepts that come alive through sailing; and visitors of all ages, non-sailors and sailors alike, will experience the magic that happens when wind and water meet.

The Sailing Museum is a d/b/a of the National Sailing Hall of Fame & Museum, Inc., an IRS recognized 501c3 organization.

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Sailing has a long history, and a tradition that prepares and propels us to go forward. Each of us has learned valuable life lessons on the water, made relationships that last a lifetime and experienced the challenges, and joy, that come from sailing. This is a legacy we have the ability, and privilege, to pass on to others. The Sailing Museum will bring incredible people and inspiring stories from across the country into ONE place that is accessible to all.

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