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The Capital Campaign to create The Sailing Museum, a home for our sport and space worthy of celebrating the members of the National Sailing Hall of Fame and America's Cup Hall of Fame, was made possible thanks to the generous support of our donors. It is with incredible gratitude we recognize them here. Thank you one and all for making this dream a reality!

Legend's Circle

Jane P. Batten

William Mathews "Matt" Brooks and Pam Rorke Levy

The Coumantaros Family

Doug and Maria DeVos

Clare G. Harrington

The Schoonmaker Foundation

Silent Maid 1924


Peter and Anne Askew

Sandra and David Askew

Malin Burnham

Rhode Island Commerce Corporation

Rose and Charles Dana

Kristal and Joe Dockery

Austin and Gwen Fragomen

Mr. and Mrs. L. Scott Frantz

James and Kate Gubelmann

John and Katrina Hele

Randall and Sara Hogan

Joseph C. Hoopes, Jr.

Edward W. Kane and Martha J. Wallace

Alletta Morris McBean Charitable Trust

Richard M. Nugent

Rives and Nancy Potts

David and Susan Rockefeller

Saw Island Foundation

Craig and Kari Shapero

Thomas L. Stark and Tara L. Lynch

van Beuren Charitable Foundation


Catie and Chris Benzak

Judy and George Carmany

Mr. Dayton T. Carr

Tricia and Jamie Hilton

Ala and Ralph Isham

Ward Marsh

Mr. Douglas Newhouse and Dr. Holly Bannister

The O'Hanley Family

David Warren Ray

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Santry, III

Commodore Charles Townsend


Walter and Marguerite Bopp

Betsy Bowman and Spike Lobdell

Brauchler Collins Foundation

Lauretta J. Bruno

Chris Cannon

Gus and Susan Carlson

Mason R. Chrisman

Doc Clarke

Peggy and Lyn Comfort

L. Jay Cross

Peter S. Duncan

David and Christy Elwell

George C. Francisco, IV and Caroline Francisco

Drew Freides

Larry and Anne Glenn

Gary Jobson

David G. & Carolyn Houck

Ragnar and Laureen Knutsen

Mark Ellman and Nancy Lieberman

Byron Marchant & Rebecca Marchant

Sally and Bill Martin

Judy Clagett McLennan

Ted and Julie Moore

Dennis and Roseanne Williams


The Appleton Family

William B. Clemens, III

Domenico and Eleanore De Sole

LJ and Debbie Edgcomb

Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Franyo

Spencer and Rena Fulweiler

Gefter Family

Stephen Glascock and Barbara van Beuren

Chris & Carolyn Groobey

George and Emilie Hinman

Julia Herrick

Joseph and Louise Huber

Rev. Mary and Robert L. Johnstone, III

Isdale Family

John and Vicki Linnartz

Marie and Douglas McKeige

Pauline and John Mendez

Bruce and Lynne Munro

Paul Weber Architecture

Ewell C. Potts, III

Andy Rose

Cory and Mark Sertl

Donald and Margaret Steiner

Todd and Lisa Stuart Foundation

The Emily Hall Tremaine Foundation

Robin and Frederick J. Warren

Tom and Betsy Whidden

Commodore Paul M Zabetakis, MD


Ed and Lisa Baird

Susan and Hugh Balloch

The Richard and Barbara Bohan Family

Henry and Callie Brauer

The H. L. Brown, Jr. Family Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. C. Richard D'Amato

Christopher and Kimberly Darby

Robbie and Janet Doyle

Steve and Gloria Eddleston, Weatherly

Cece and Mack Fowler

Ian Gumprecht

Karen and Perry Harris

Mary Joan Hoene and Maj. Gen. Stephen R. Seiter

Pamela Howard Family Foundation

Kilroy Foundation

John B. and Nelly Llanos Foundation

Henry and Jean May & Family

Robert C. McCormack

Jim Mullen

Stephen B. Murray, Murray Law Firm 

Chris and Shawn Otorowski

Frank and Lolita Savage

Jeffrey Siegal

R.E. "Ted" Turner

Alex Valcic, American Eagle

Mr. and Mrs. W. Crayton Walters, III


The Harry G. and Mary Ann Barkerding Family Fund

Robbie Murphy Benjamin

Mr.and Mrs. Richard D'Amato

Mark Ellis

Melinda and Peter Gerard

Robbie and Amy Haines

Mr. and Mrs. Peter O. Harken

Peter Johnstone

Mr. and Mrs. Gary F. Le Gros, Jr.

Joanne T. O'Dwyer and Donald Tofias, Sparkman & Stephens

Ms. Jan C. O'Malley

Stephanie McLennan

Karter Cerise Potts

Pearson B. Potts

Anne and Clark Thompson

Pam and Paul Thompson

Frank and Celene Varasano



A. Chace Anderson

Born Family Charitable Fund

Toby Baker

In honor of Alexander Bryan-Alcort

Nicholas Brown

Mr. Ken Colburn

Sage and Dick Chase, in Honor of Courtlandt Heyniger

Court Crane

Glenn and Kim Darden

Brad and Susan Davis

Findlay Family Trust

Rosalie and Richard Furniss

Jay and Elizabeth Gowell

Steve Hathaway

Prof. John B. Hattendorf

In honor of Carl Paxon “Bunky” Helfrich

Sally Helme

Hope Foundation

Steve & Karyn James

Bill and Nancy Jorch

Wendell Smith in the name of Michael Keyworth

Peter Koyler

Elizabeth and Bill Leatherman

Guy Leibler

Ms. Sharon Lorenzo

Russell and Kristina Lucas

Jim and Ellen Lussier

Peter, Deon and Tyler Macdonald

Linda McDavitt

Sheila McCurdy and David Brown

Byron Marchant

Soundview Millworks

Anne and David Morley

Jeff and Paige Neuberth

Steve & Cheryl Pervier

Dennis Powers

Thomas Post

Heather Ruhsam

Stephen Taylor

James Wilson

Ken F. Womack

Patricia Young and Paul Hamilton

Thank you to our in-kind supporters who helped create The Sailing Museum Exhibits.

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