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Rhode Island.


10 am – 5 pm

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Wind + Water

Simple elements, nature in her purest form. And the inspiration for innovation across the ages as humans have harnessed them to explore, trade, recreate and compete.

Design driven by purpose, whether that purpose is to fly above the water at 50 knots or cruise in comfort with your family. Curiosity, creativity and craftsmanship. Every sail, every hull, each and every component.

Teamwork, commitment and dedication create a marriage of the mental and physical. Navigation, strategy and tactical decision-making. Agility, speed and strength.

Sailing can provide a breakthrough moment that changes a child’s understanding. A thought-provoking encounter that shifts a person’s perspective, or an immersive experience that transports us to another place and time.

In the space once used as the Press Room for the America’s Cup, The Sailing Museum explores all of this, igniting the senses and delighting sailors and non-sailors alike.

The Visitor Experience at The Sailing Museum


Select from one of seven boats to tailor your museum adventure, delivering an experience that is yours alone. Collect virtual rewards as you complete activities, design a boat or create your own burgee and take it home with you.


Win the start, round the mark and leave the fleet in your wake. High-tech exhibits with built-in ‘stealth learning’ share the ins-and-outs of the sport like never before, challenging you to build your skills and teamwork. Experience what it’s like to fly over the water with SailGP in the immersive film dome or test your strength against the pros on the grinders.


The oldest competition in sport, predating the modern Olympics, the America’s Cup has fueled design, innovation, and pure athleticism since 1851. Get to know the legends who shaped the sport, test your knowledge and revel in one of sailing’s many great moments.

Here’s what you can expect during your visit

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Featuring Two Iconic

Halls of Fame Under One Roof


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“Sailing has a home that trumpets its achievements and inspires generations to excel on the water, and to serve the sport. The memorable moments in our sport are countless, and unless there is a common place to preserve these memories, we’re in danger of losing the relevance of sailing’s past and future. “

– Gary Jobson

Hall of Famer & Board Member

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