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Wind and water.

Simple elements, nature in her purest form. And the inspiration for innovation across the ages as humans have harnessed them to explore, trade, recreate and compete.

Design driven by purpose, whether that purpose is to fly above the water at 50 knots or cruise in comfort with your family. Curiosity, creativity and craftsmanship. Every sail, every hull, each and every component.

Teamwork, commitment and dedication create a marriage of the mental and physical. Navigation, strategy and tactical decision-making. Agility, speed and strength.

Sailing can provide a breakthrough moment that changes a child’s understanding. A thought-provoking encounter that shifts a person’s perspective, or an immersive experience that transports us to another place and time.

In the space once used as the Press Room for the America’s Cup, the Sailing Museum will explore all of this, igniting the senses and delighting sailors and non-sailors alike.

Come inside for a sneak peek…

The Visitor Experience at The Sailing Museum


Select from one of seven boats to tailor your museum adventure, delivering an experience that is yours alone. Design your boat or create your own burgee and take it home with you.


Win the start, round the mark and leave the fleet in your wake. High-tech exhibits with built-in ‘stealth learning’ share the ins-and-outs of the sport like never before, challenging you to build your skills and teamwork. Experience what it’s like to fly over the water in the virtual reality dome or test your strength against the pros on the grinders.


The oldest competition in sport, predating the modern Olympics, the America’s Cup has fueled design, innovation, and pure athleticism since 1851. Get to know the legends who shaped the sport, test your knowledge and revel in one of sailing’s many great moments.

A collaborative design effort led by award-winning Healy Kohler Design, The Sailing Museum will offer sailing enthusiasts the chance to revel in their sport and new sailors to be enticed to take to the water for the first time.

A personalized journey (via RFID – radio frequency identification) through six thematic areas begins with the selection of a boat. For sailors, they can select from one of seven on the screen; while those experiencing sailing for the first time will be given the option of a short quiz that will help them select a boat. For all, this boat will become their avatar throughout their museum experience, guiding them through the interactive elements, several of which will be specific to their selected boat.

The main hall of the museum is divided into six thematic areas:

  • Wind & Water
  • The Making of a Sailor: Mental
  • The Making of a Sailor: Physical
  • Teamwork
  • Competition
  • Legends of Sailing: National Sailing Hall of Fame & America’s Cup Hall of Fame

The experience begins with Wind & Water, elements that sailors and non-sailors alike are familiar with. Here, visitors will learn about points of sail, ocean stewardship, the anatomy of a boat, and evolution and principles of design, even designing their own boats. In the Making of a Sailor areas, the mental and physical aspects of the sport will be explored, including navigation, tactics, leadership and decision-making, as well as agility, speed, strength and endurance. In the Teamwork area visitors will discover how sailing is a unique balance of all, and brings people of varying skill sets together. In Competition, visitors will see what happens at the top of the sport when all these components are executed at the highest level. Iconic events from across the country and around the world will be showcased, along with the individuals who made their mark in them.

Throughout the museum, the stories and accomplishments of the people who have shaped the sport will be shared. In the Legends of Sailing area, home to members of the National Sailing Hall of Fame and America’s Cup Hall of Fame, over 175 sailing legends will be honored under one roof, connecting the past to the future. From designers and builders to coaches and mentors, artists, historians, Olympians, sailmakers and explorers – The Sailing Museum will offer visitors a window into the most exciting personalities in sailing. Through them, new audiences will discover what sailors already know – there is a magic that happens when wind and water meet. It has been the inspiration for innovation across the ages as humans have harnessed them to explore, trade, recreate and compete.

The heartbeat of sailing in America.




Sailing in America has been shaped by generations of individuals who have demonstrated the courage and conviction to plot their own courses, defy convention and redefine excellence.

Ours is a sport that has evolved because of these unique individuals and the Hall of Fame provides a home to honor their achievements and make relevant and essential the values and sportsmanship that sailing embodies.

101 Inductees      

150+ Years of Sailing History



In 1992, the America’s Cup Hall of Fame was founded to:      

  • Honor individuals for their outstanding achievements related to the America’s Cup Competition.
  • Tell the story of their accomplishments to inspire future generations of sailors and non-sailors alike.

Over ninety legendary America’s Cup sailors have been inducted into the Hall. Candidates eligible for consideration include members of the crew, designers, builders, syndicate leaders, supporters, chroniclers, and other individuals of merit.

Each nominee is judged on the basis of outstanding ability, international recognition, character, performance, and contributions to the sport.

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