Founding Yacht Clubs

Yacht clubs play a pivotal role in preserving the rich heritage of sailing and ensuring its continuity for future generations. They inspire youth and the young at heart to learn about the physical elements of the sport, the pivotal role nature plays in sailing and life skills such as teamwork, leadership and creativity. 

Our Yacht Club Stories featured here are provided by our Founding Yacht Club Members and share both the history of – and inspiration for – sailing communities around the country. Yacht clubs are a backbone of the sailing community, and in many ways house the legacy for the sport through local, regional, national and international racing. Youth programs and sailing camps provide the first opportunity for sailing education at the community level, and without them our sport would struggle to thrive. 

We invite yacht clubs large and small to become members of The Sailing Museum & National Sailing Hall of Fame. Membership opportunities vary according to yacht club size, and offers access to resources, event space, special invitations and more. Please click here to learn more about Yacht Club Memberships