About our Exhibits

Wind and Water.

Simple elements, nature in her purest form, and the inspiration for innovation across the ages as humans have harnessed them to explore, trade, recreate and compete.

Design driven by purpose, whether that purpose is to fly above the water at 50 knots or cruise in comfort with your family, curiosity, creativity and craftsmanship, in every sail, every hull, each and every component.

Teamwork, commitment and dedication create a marriage of the mental and physical skills. Navigation, strategy and tactical decision-making, agility, speed and strength.

Sailing can provide a breakthrough moment that changes a child’s understanding. A thought-provoking encounter that shifts a person’s perspective. Sailing is an immersive experience that transports us to another place and time.

In the space once used as the Press Room for the America’s Cup, the Sailing Museum will explore all of this, igniting the senses and delighting sailors and non-sailors alike.

Legends of Sailing

The Legends of Sailing area of the museum celebrates the National Sailing Hall of Fame and America’s Cup Hall of Fame, featuring over 175 sailing legends will be honored under one roof, connecting the past to the future. From designers and builders to coaches and mentors, artists, historians, Olympians, sailmakers and explorers – The Sailing Museum offers visitors a window into the most exciting personalities in sailing.

See what happens at the top of the sport when sailors perform at the highest level. Explore iconic events from across the sport, dive into the history of the America’s […]
Sailors of all abilities possess physical prowess, speed, agility, strength and endurance. In The Sailing Museum you can learn about these accomplishments, watch the pros fly above the water and […]
Here visitors will explore the mental side of the sport including navigation, tactics, leadership and decision-making. Learn about legendary dynamic duos and take on the role of tactician yourself!
Sailing brings people with assorted skills together, working towards a common goal. Whether cruising or racing, teamwork is essential to making a boat sail swiftly. Learn about the collegiate sailors […]
Personalize your museum experience! Select a boat and set off on your museum adventure beginning with the basic elements, wind and water. Learn about points of sail, ocean stewardship, the […]

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