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National Sailing Hall of Fame Class of 2021

Meet the Class of 2021 Inductees.

The National Sailing Hall of Fame (NSHOF) announced today the induction of eleven sailors during its 11th ceremony, held in the newly-renovated Armory on Saturday, October 16th, 2021, in Newport, RI.  The Ceremony also honored members of the Class of 2020 who were recognized in a virtual ceremony last year because of the pandemic. The members of the Class of 2021 class brought the total NSHOF Hall of Famers to 101. The Sailing Museum, home to the National Sailing Hall of Fame, was the event sponsor in the new Armory space that houses both the Museum and HOF.

The Class of 2021 includes Alexander “Red” Bryan and Cortlandt “Bud” Heyniger, founders of Alcort, Inc. and designers and producers of the iconic Sunfish; William “Carl” Buchan, championship sailor, Olympic gold medal winner and 1988 defender of the America’s Cup; Agustin “Augie” Diaz, Rolex Yachtsman of the Year; Star, Snipe and Laser World Champion; and 505 North American Champion;  Gilbert T. Gray,  Olympic gold medalist in the Star Class debut Olympiad, race official and chief measurer; Lynne Jewell Shore, one of the first women to win an Olympic gold medal in sailing, and Rolex Yachtswoman of the Year; Rear Admiral Stephen B. Luce,  the founder of the U.S. Naval War College (1884) and leading educator on seamanship and training for the Navy; Jane Wiswell Pegel, a three-time Martini & Rossi (now Rolex) Yachtswoman of the Year and winner of several National and North American Championships in sailing and iceboating; Dawn Riley,  the first woman ever to manage an America’s Cup syndicate and the first American to sail in three America’s Cups and two Whitbread Round the World (now The Ocean Race) races; Richard “Dick” Rose, a thirty-year member of World Sailing’s Racing Rules of Sailing Committee, he is considered “the” international authority on the Racing Rules of Sailing.

The Lifetime Achievement Award recipient for 2021 was awarded to Captain William D. “Bill” Pinkney, the first African American to solo-circumnavigate the world via the Capes.

As inductees took the podium to accept their honors, each expressed gratitude, thanked those who inspired and supported them throughout their careers, recognized the achievements of those who came before them and illustrated what it means to be part of the great sport of sailing.

Induction Date:

October 15-16, 2021


The Sailing Museum & National Sailing Hall of Fame
Newport, RI

  • William “Carl” Buchan

  • Alexander “Red” Bryan & Cortlandt “Bud” Heyniger

  • Agustin “Augie” Diaz

  • Gilbert T. Gray

  • Lynne Jewell Shore

  • Rear Admiral Stephen B. Luce

  • Jane Wiswell Pegel

  • Captain William “Bill” D. Pinkney

  • Dawn Riley

  • Richard “Dick” Rose

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