Honoring the Legends of the Sport through the National Sailing Hall of Fame

The National Sailing Hall of Fame, part of The Sailing Museum, plays a pivotal role in celebrating the rich legacy of sailing and its impact on American culture. Sailing has been shaped by generations of intrepid individuals who dared to chart their own courses, defy conventions and redefine excellence. These trailblazers - daring explorers, competitive racers or passionate contributors - have left indelible marks on the sport. The Hall of Fame serves as a repository for their stories, achievements and contributions...ensuring their legacies endure. We also recognize and celebrate individual career achievements, immortalizing heroes of the sea. From solo circumnavigators to Olympic champions, the courage, skill and passion of our sailors have paved the way. The Hall of Fame serves as a beacon, encouraging new generations to embrace the values of sportsmanship, perseverance and respect for nature.

The Sailing Museum and National Sailing Hall of Fame is currently reviewing the nominees for the Induction Class of 2024. For an update on the Selection Committee following the devastating loss of our Chair Sally Helme, please click here to read an important message from Spike Lobdell, the new Chair of the National Sailing Hall of Fame Selection Committee.

About the National Sailing Hall of Fame

The National Sailing Hall of Fame was founded in 2004 to honor individuals whose contributions have shaped sailing in the United States. Their achievements across sailing, contributor and technical categories have made a significant impact on the sport at the national and/or international level.

123 Inductees      

More than 200 Years of Sailing History

These are the men and women who have shaped sailing in America. We invite you to explore their stories and be inspired to leave your mark, too!

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