Gulf Yachting Association

The Gulf Yachting Association was organized to promote the sport of yacht racing on the Gulf Coast and nearby areas. Founded in 1901 and reorganized in 1920, the GYA has grown from the original six clubs to more than thirty member organizations. The GYA is one of the oldest associations of yacht clubs in the United States and is the organizing association for sailing in the entire Gulf Coast area. The GYA sanctions various yacht events, including interclub competition in Flying Scots, and serves to coordinate the activities of its members.

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The GYA is comprised of 33 member clubs, and 9 member-affiliate clubs in the Gulf region, which compete in a unique series of interclub competitions. These interclub competitions, one of which is the Lipton Cup, promote the sailing traditions and the spirit of sportsmanship amongst the competing clubs.

The Gulf Yachting Association admires the efforts of the National Sailing Hall of Fame in not only recognizing past accomplishments of the sport, but also in promoting the sport in general – as well as values of sportsmanship and camaraderie for future generations. We recognize the honors of our athletes, and see the importance of training the next generation. We believe that teaching math and science through sailing will provide that foundation in a most unique way. We are very pleased to have this opportunity to assist and strongly encourage other clubs and associations to do likewise.

Pete O’Neal and Commodre Daniel B. Killeen, III