Little Egg Harbor Yacht Club

Founded in 1912, The Little Egg Harbor Yacht Club has a large and successful junior sailing program whose participants, past and present, keep its adult sailing and racing activities vigorous. Secure in its sailing heritage, the club is proud of its membership sailing accomplishments and of its contributions to the broader sailing community in its first hundred years.

Stories from Little Egg Harbor Yacht Club

When Little Egg Harbor Yacht Club was formed, the only access to Beach Haven was by ferry, and residents were using the island for extended summer vacations. Over the first few years, LEHYC acquired some property on Berkeley Avenue and built a dock.  Activities at the club included sailing races and motorboat races, parties held at the large local hotels: Baldwin and Engleside. In 1916, the clubhouse was built and some activities were held; but the big events were still hosted at the hotels into the 1930s. In 1921, the club acquired the first four of the LEHYC 25-foot one-design sloops to increase adult racing. In 1923, the Skippers program launched in an effort to teach young boys sailing and seamanship. Activities continued to expand throughout the inter-war period with more classes, the addition of the Skipperettes program for young girls and construction of a tennis court.

After a slow period in WWII, the club began rapid expansion in the late 40s through the 60s. During this period, LEHYC became well-known for superior regattas and excellent race management. LEHYC held many prestigious sailing championships, including several at the National, North American and International levels.  his culminated with hosting of the then-NAYRU Mallory, Adams, O’Day and Championship of Champions.  At the same time, several LEHYC Sailors won major events: Mac Allen won the Moth North Americans and Jack Barclay won the International Comets at LEHYC in1963. Other events continued and expanded, Skippers merged with Skipperettes to form one of the premier Junior Sailing Programs in the nation.

The Little Egg Harbor Yacht Club is proud to become a Founding Member of the National Sailing Hall of Fame. As a club with a strong sailing tradition and a two-time winner of the St. Petersburg Trophy, The Little Egg Harbor Yacht Club and its members are delighted to join NSHOF in preserving America’s sailing legacy and honoring those who have made outstanding contributions to American Sailing. Our members look forward to visiting this landmark for sailing enthusiasts.

Kevin McGlynn