July 10, 2020

Celebrating Heritage

And Supporting the Future of the Sport

Modern sailing is the resulting chronicle of athletes and innovators through the ages. Outstanding men and women, recognized for their achievements and contributions, have shaped the sport we know today. Through the National Sailing Hall of Fame and the America’s Cup Hall of Fame, visitors will be introduced to some of sailings most 

interesting personalities. From skippers to writers, boat designers to sailmakers, coaches and syndicate heads, these are the many faces of sailing’s legends who are celebrated in The Sailing Museum. 

Reinforced by the stories of sailing across the country, the heritage of the sport is preserved, and more importantly, its present and future are secured. Engaging the next generation – not just one generation, but all who want to participate. The Sailing Museum experience explores sailing in all its forms; harnessing the wind for competition, exploration and recreation. Drawing on a rich history to increase excitement for and participation in sailing to help grow the sport.

365 Thames Street | Newport, RI 02840 | 401.324.5761 | thesailingmuseum.org