National Sailing Hall of Fame

National Sailing Hall of Fame Class of 2023

Meet the Class of 2023 Inductees.

The National Sailing Hall of Fame (NSHOF) celebrated the induction of its 13th class, comprising of Elwood Widmer “Skip” Etchells, Peter Holmberg, Sally Honey, John Kolius, William “Bill” Lapworth, John Knox Marshall, Charles “Charley” Morgan, Robert “Bob” Perry and Richard “Dick” Stearns, III. The 2023 Lifetime Achievement Award recipient was Tim Hogan.

The Balboa Yacht Club and the Newport Harbor Yacht Club sponsored the event. The members of the Class of 2023 brought the total of National Sailing Hall of Famers to 124.

As they took the podium to accept their honors, each of the inductees expressed their gratitude, thanked those who inspired and supported them throughout their careers, recognized the achievements of those who came before, and illustrated what it means to be part of the great sport of sailing.

“I am honored and deeply humbled to be included in the National Sailing Hall of Fame alongside so many of the greats of American sailing. Sailing is a lifetime sport, a sport for men and for women, for young tigers and grey beards, and for those with widely varying talents. Particularly, it is a sport that rewards teamwork. I thank all the great people who have helped me be part of sailing: my mentors, ship mates and my competitors.”
-John Knox Marshall

“We want to congratulate all of the inductees this year, each representing the dedication, determination and teamwork that our sport embodies,” said Board of Directors co-president Gary Jobson. “The stories of each of these distinguished individuals serve to inspire current and future generations of sailors. It is with great honor that we recognize them for all of their achievements.”

Induction Date:

November 3-4, 2023


Balboa Yacht Club
Newport Beach, CA

  • Elwood Widmer “Skip” Etchells

  • Timothy “Tim” Patrick Hogan

  • Peter William Holmberg

  • Sally Lindsay Honey

  • John Waldrip Kolius

  • Charles William “Bill” Lapworth

  • John Knox Marshall

    John Knox Marshall

  • Charles “Charley” Eugene Morgan, Jr.

  • Robert “Bob” Perry

  • Richard “Dick” Irving Stearns III

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