July 10, 2020

Inspiring Discovery

Learning from the Legends

Beyond the buoys, sailing is a unique platform for learning, teaching critical life skills like problem solving, teamwork, leadership, self-reliance and responsibility in addition to scholastic lessons. Positive role models inspire children to take on new challenges, making the stories and achievements of the sailors profiled in The Sailing Museum a benchmark to aspire to. 

STEAM - A small word with BIG implications!


These five disciplines are used in everyday activities. They promote problem solving, and creative and analytical thinking in a more open ended way and make them applicable to real life. These fields fuel the economic sectors projected to drive this country’s prosperity for decades to come. By preparing students to excel in these disciplines, we are setting the course for their future success.

The educational exhibits at The Sailing Museum will provide real-world applications of STEAM that come alive through sailing. In addition to curriculum developed by the National Sailing Hall of Fame over the last 10+ years, exhibits and educational curriculum at the museum will be guided by US Sailing’s REACH Program modules taught in sailing centers nationwide. Area educators will be provided wit an on-site high-tech and interactive experience that complements what they are teaching on the dock or in the classroom. Kids learn by doing, and the principles of science, technology, engineering, art and math will come to life in a hands-on manner, actively engaging children to seek out the ‘why?’ and “how?’, sparking curiosity and increasing comprehension.

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