December 4, 2022

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Things to do this Winter in Newport!

22 Fun Things To Do In Newport, RI In The Winter

Newport is known as one of the top summer destinations in New England, but did you know that it also makes for an incredible winter getaway?

The City by the Sea really knows how to celebrate the very best parts of winter! Kicking off the season with some of the most exciting Christmas celebrations in the region, it continues to embrace the chilly months ahead with endless activities, events and ways to stay cozy. This post is all about the very best things to do in Newport, RI in the winter season, so let’s begin!

17. Tour The Local Museums (Including The Mansions!)

Newport is simply packed with incredible history and art, and if the weather is a bit too chilly for your liking, one of the best things to do in the winter is spend the day indoors learning about the city’s past.

Of course, the top historical sites to see would be the mansions that have been mentioned throughout this post. While seeing the mansions in their holiday decorations is definitely a unique experience, it’s just as exciting to see them year-round.

The Breakers, The Elms and Marble House are the best ones for first-time visitors to experience, and once you’re inside, your jaw will drop when you take in the fact that these were considered “summer cottages” for the original owners. And since The Breakers and Marble House were once owned by the Vanderbilt family, they come with a fascinating history.

Some other wonderful museums to tour in and around Newport are:

  • International Tennis Hall of Fame
  • Newport Art Museum
  • The Sailing Museum
  • Bristol Art Museum
  • Newport Car Museum

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